[openlp-dev] OpenLP and Escape item

Olli Suutari suutari.olli at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 15:38:14 EDT 2016

Due to the recent merges, I think we are ready to start the process of
removing escape item.

To recap:

a) The issue where other Blank to modes were unavailable in single screen
scenarios was fixed some months ago.

b) The functionality of unblanking the display by clicking slides in Live
was added for other blank to modes in a branch that was merged to trunk

Basically “Escape item” is now the buggy & confusing version of “Blank to
desktop”, which does not really add any functionality to the program.

So I think it would be best to remove Escape item and “Esc” as an
alternative shortcut for “Blank to desktop.”

It would be logical to do the removal as we introduce the functionality of
unblanking slides by clicking Live slides in 2.6 series.

Joy and happiness for all,

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