[openlp-dev] Need some HTML/CSS assistance for chord print support

Gyuris Gellért bubu at ujevangelizacio.hu
Thu Dec 29 13:35:39 EST 2016

Hi Tomas,

Ah, you need line wrapping. OK. See that: https://jsfiddle.net/c1x4ddnz/ 
Does it work?


2016-12-29 17:25 keltezéssel, Tomas Groth írta:
> Hi Gellert,
> While this is simple and works, it does not work well with 
> linewrapping. Try to resize the result page until the line should wrap 
> and it doesn't :(
> Thank you for your input so far - I hope you can the linewrapping work 
> as awell :)
> Best regards,
> Tomas

Gyuris Gellért
H-6724 Szeged, Rigó u. 16/A TT8
+3630 3808472 bubu at ujevangelizacio.hu

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