[openlp-dev] Versions 2.4.2 and 2.6

Ian Knight ieknight1101 at gmail.com
Tue May 17 22:54:23 EDT 2016

I'm hoping to have max-height for non-text slides enabled by default for 
2.6. I just need to implement the suggestions from Tim & Mattias.


Ian Knight
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On 18/05/16 02:58, Raoul Snyman wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> Some of us have chatted in IRC about version 2.4.2 and what it should 
> contain, so I just wanted to run this past everyone.
> One thing that I've noticed with other projects is that they update 
> their translations in subsequent point releases. This is something 
> we've not really done in the past, and I feel that we really should.
> I've written a blog post to this effect, and I'll be submitting it for 
> merging later this evening.
> In addition to the fixes already in lp:openlp/2.4, are there any other 
> fixes that we want/need in there? Also, I'm thinking of releasing in 
> the next 2-3 weeks (first or second weekend in June). Which of those 
> weekends works best for people?
> I'm really happy to announce that Tim has implemented video 
> backgrounds for themes, and this is now in trunk! Please test them out 
> as much as you can! This is probably the number one feature request we 
> have received. The big question is this: is there anything else we 
> want to add to 2.6?
> The one thing that springs to mind is the conversion from QtWebKit to 
> QtWebEngine. This is a big change, but also very necessary, since from 
> Qt 5.6 QtWebKit is gone. Had anyone started working on this? I know 
> Jonathan Springer has done some investigation, but I don't think he 
> has had any time to actually develop it further.
> Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?
> God bless, Raoul.
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