[openlp-dev] Trouble with pyinstaller/ Jenkins account enable request.

Tim and Alison Bentley Home at trarbentley.net
Wed Oct 19 16:44:41 EDT 2016

This seems to be a bug in pyqt or qt at present which is triggered on
This "may" have been fixed in the next version of QT.

This comes from linked bugs from Fedora!

On 19 October 2016 at 21:42, Chris Reed <chrisreed.212 at gmail.com> wrote:

> For reference, it works when I downgraded from pyinstaller 3.3 to 3.1.1 -
> though I also needed a pyinstaller hook for sqlalchemy.sql.default_comparator.
> Not sure where to stick that, so I've just put it in hook-openlp.py for now.
> Now to work out why it's crashing when I shut down OpenLP.
> On 19/10/2016 13:59, Chris Reed wrote:
>> Presumably if I am able to start a job in Jenkins, that'll build a .exe
>> for me, which is a way of getting changes into a testable state..?  Could
>> Raoul/ someone enable my account in Jenkins - cr212 - to do builds?  Thanks.
>> FYI, I'm working on a patch ( http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~c
>> r212/openlp/pptpresenterview/revision/2700 ) for adding a configuration
>> option to use the powerpoint presenter view.  Rationale: we want
>> auto-advancing slides for our notices, and powerpoint won't advance slides
>> if it doesn't have focus.  By putting the presenter view up, it avoids
>> operator error by hiding the OpenLP window with the presenter view, so less
>> danger of losing focus from ppt.
>> It works for me if I'm running from the checkout, but I'm struggling to
>> build a pyinstaller executable to test in an existing installation.  I've
>> checked out the packaging branch, copied windows\config.ini.default to
>> config.ini, and run:
>> C:\Users\Chris\dev\packaging\windows>\Python34\python.exe
>> windows-builder.py -u -b c:\\Users\\Chris\\dev\openlp
>> This produces an OpenLP.exe in the dist output, but running it seems to
>> not do anything, nor does putting it into a portable installation - no
>> splash screen and no OpenLP starts up.  Running ProcessMonitor shows it is
>> running and scanning through the plugins, but no sign of a window.  Any
>> pointers?
>> Also, I've looked at the existing tests for the powerpoint controller,
>> but there doesn't seem to be any practical way of adding a test for this
>> patch - the bulk of it is making sure the right window has focus, and it
>> looks like the existing tests don't even run against a real powerpoint.  Is
>> just manual testing of such a change acceptable?
>> Many thanks.
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