[openlp-dev] Problems with default theme

Matěj Cepl mcepl at cepl.eu
Thu Sep 22 18:20:52 EDT 2016


we have a problem with OpenLP 2.42 running on Windows 7. The problem I
have with the latest version (or versions, not 100% certain it is just
the last version, which is the problem) is that OpenLP suddenly does not
follow what the default theme is for slides. It does not matter whether
I switch the default theme in the Theme Manager or in the Service
Manager for the particular service, I still have all slides in the
Default (blank) theme. I have to go and change the theme for each song
in the Service Manager to have it actually applied.

Is it a known bug?

Related to that, I would have a request for enhancement. Would it be
possible to actually switch off specific theming for individual service
and individual slides, so that all slides would be all the time in the
default theme only, and any special settings for services or slides
would be ignored? We actually never use anything else than the default
theme and it would make my life a way easier, when the worship director
brings to me again his songs with the non-default themes.



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