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that would seem to be sensible and pragmatic. Though in most cases
stackoverflow would be the source!
How would this be done and monitored?
Would we need this to be done before any merges to trunk for new bods?

On 8 Sep 2017 00:38, "Raoul Snyman" <raoul at snyman.info> wrote:

> Hey folks,
> I've been thinking for a while about the legal aspect of people
> contributing to OpenLP (specifically who the code "belongs" to from a
> copyright perspective). It's difficult because we're all from different
> legal contexts (aka different countries), and what might constitute a
> legally binding agreement in one might not in another. The way a lot modern
> open source projects get around this is by making their developers sign a
> Contributor License Agreement, which is supposed to help the projects if
> legal action is taken on the project by some company or other entity.
> I'm not a fan of CLAs because they can sometimes go as far as forcing
> copyright assignment from one party to another, and this doesn't sit well
> with me.
> I recently came across an alternative, which I think works better than a
> CLA. It is called a Developer Certificate of Origin[0]. Basically, you just
> declare that your code that you contributed is your own original work, and
> this way the project as a whole can say, "look, this code was not copied
> from $PRODUCT_X" to anyone who enquires.
> What do you think?
> [0] https://developercertificate.org/
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