[openlp-dev] Loss of Renderer impact on Remote interface

Tim and Alison Bentley Home at trarbentley.net
Sun Aug 19 10:25:01 EDT 2018

Yes the remote hooks into the Slide Controller for its actions but the list
of slides are held in the service item.  This way the Slide Controller and
Remote interfaces can have the same list of verses.

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On Sun, 19 Aug 2018 at 15:08, Simon Hanna <simon at hannaweb.eu> wrote:

> On Aug 19, 2018 15:36, Tim and Alison Bentley <Home at trarbentley.net>
> wrote:
> Following a request from Simon H around the API's for the remote I started
> looking at a set of changes and realized the new design for the
> WenEngine may make the remote more difficult.
> The current design is that the serviceitem contains an array of slides to
> be displayed and this array has been processed so each slide fits a single
> screen.  The current display builds an html page for the slide and displays
> it.
> There are a number of different strategies for paging but they are managed
> by the renderer.
> This pattern allows the remote interface and the slide controller to
> easily understand the number of slides even if some are split or all have
> the same Tag.
> Moving towards the new pattern, if React were to provide this rendering
> service how can the remotes know how many slides we have or how to
> reference the React split slides.  As Raoul said yesterday this is work
> outstanding but it would seem we need to understand how this will work as
> it impacts a number of pieces of development.
> The Frontend of OpenLP has to know something about that for rendering the
> previews. The same info can be used to know how many slides there are. As
> for previews, HTML could be rendered in the remotes as well, or we provide
> a text-only view of the slide.
> Doesn't the remote hook into the service manager for all the actions? The
> migration should be transparent for the remote, shouldn't it?
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