[openlp-dev] Grabbing projection screen image

nick farrow nickthefarrow at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 8 11:18:10 EST 2018


We used to use easyworship on a win32 machine, and it was quite easy to 
find the second screen and grab the rgb data for image rending to the 
congregation who had tablets/phones (image on a local web server 
rendered to the device browser).

Having just moved to openlp I was after some advice as to the best way 
to approach this for a linux/openlp machine?

I was either thinking of capturing the 'live panel' image or trying the 
extended screen buffer capture. I know a little python (but years of 
experience with c#/c++) so would also welcome some guidance as to the 
rough area of the code base to pick up changes in the projected image as 
well as the image data itself.

Thanks for reading and even more thanks if you can help!!


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