[openlp-dev] Item Tags

Simon Hanna simon at hannaweb.eu
Sun Jan 21 06:30:27 EST 2018

On 01/21/2018 10:08 AM, Philip Ridout wrote:
> A requested feature has been the implementation of folders for the 
> Presentation and Media plugins.
> Rather than folders what about tags?
> I think that tags have the following advantages:
> Multiple tags per item
> Extendable to other items such as songs, custom items and themes. (Not 
> sure the Bible plugin would make sense
> Tags could be available across plugins
> Disadvantages:
> ?
IMO tags and folders are very different things. You can sort of use them 
for similar purposes.
The question is what problem do you want to solve?
Folders have a very strict hierarchy, while tags don't require any 
specific structure.
For images, movies and presentations I find folders much more convenient 
than tags.
You already sort them like this on the filesystem, and I guess it's more 
natural to people.

As you have mentioned, items can have multiple tags. For me that is most 
useful to organize exchangable things.
So if I want a picture with mostly blue colors, I can search for the 
"tag" blue.
I personally wouldn't need tags for presentations, because if I want a 
presentation, I want exactly one.
I can see tags useful for things that I can use as a background, so 
background movies or images.
So I can tag by animation speed, color, ...
> Should items be exported with this meta data? IIRC the OpenLyrics 
> standard allows for topics?
I didn't find anything regarding this on openlyrics.org

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