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Simon Hanna simon at hannaweb.eu
Sun Jul 21 15:15:01 EDT 2019

On 7/14/19 10:28 PM, Philip Ridout wrote:
> About a month ago I came up against an issue to do with the way we
> handle chords. The issue was that a user who I was importing songs for
> used "[x/y]" to denote the current verse / total verses and the fact
> that we use the chord pro format (which also uses square brackets),
> meaning that you cannot use square brackets and chords in the same song.
chordpro is more or less an industry standard. I think we should stick
with it.
> I've been thinking about this, instead of the chord pro format, I
> think we should use the method supported by OpenLyrics, that is a
> chords xml tag. This should free up square brackets to be used however
> they feel fit. Which begs the question how should the userĀ  enter tags
> in the song editor. I think I have come up with a solution. We use web
> view and contenteditable. I have created some rather rough sample code
> (htps://jsfiddle.net/c8k31sp4/ <https://jsfiddle.net/c8k31sp4/>).
My personal opinon of xml is, that it's not very user friendly. Instead
I guess we should add (if not already there) the option to escape square
brackets using "\"
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