[openlp-dev] Moving to pytest fixtures

Raoul Snyman raoul at snyman.info
Tue Oct 8 18:28:58 EDT 2019

On 2019-10-08 15:22, Benjamin Hoving wrote:
> The basic problem is that the QApplication object is only meant to be
> instantiated once for the lifetime of the application, which is what
> happens during the normal execution of OpenLP, but during testing, the
> QApplication is created and destroyed many times and references to the
> object may not always be torn down between tests. I personally suspect
> (though I have not had a chance to fully investigate) that the
> Settings object or some of the singleton objects may be keeping
> references to the QApplication object. (for instance, I know that the
> Registry singleton is explicitly given a reference to the QApplication
> object and I don't think the Registry object is destroyed between
> tests). This makes it very difficult to pinpoint the actual point of
> failure for a test because the point of failure may be caused as a
> side effect of another test failing to tear the environment down
> properly. (i.e. one that initialized the Registry and gave it a
> QApplication reference, but did not reset the Registry).

Aha. You might be onto something here. I'm not sure how well we reset 
the Registry object, if at all, during tests.

Raoul Snyman
raoul at snyman.info

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