[openlp-dev] Next Release Planning

Gyuris Gellért bubu at ujevangelizacio.hu
Sat Aug 8 08:36:14 EDT 2020

Dear Raoul,

We are working on issue #550. We try to finish the MR 
(https://gitlab.com/openlp/openlp/-/merge_requests/229) next days. It 
would be nice to include this small fix.


2020. 08. 06. 7:22 keltezéssel, Raoul Snyman via openlp-dev írta:
> Hello everyone,
> With the next release supposedly being a beta release, I think we need to make
> a firm decision on what features need to be in OpenLP 3.0, and what we may want
> to leave for the next release.
> Also, a reminder that we want to move toward more releases more often, with
> smaller increments between features. So if it doesn't make it into 3.0, we
> don't want to wait too long to release a 3.2 (or whatever we decide to make
> our versioning system look like).
> Here's the current milestone:
>    https://gitlab.com/openlp/openlp/-/milestones/3
> Does anyone have anything they'd like to add?
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