[openlp-dev] Changes to Settings code.

Tim and Alison Bentley Home at trarbentley.net
Mon Jan 6 12:35:09 EST 2020

Over the last few months work has been progressing to improve the
performance of OpenLP at startup.  The main culprit has been Settings()
which we believed was a singleton but turned out to be a plain object.

In the main codebase today there are now two new ways to get a settings
object.  If your object extends RegistryProperties then all you need to do
is use self.settings.

If your object does not extend RegistryProperties add self.settings =
Registry().get('settings')  to your constructor and then access

Clean up work is underway but no new code should be added using the
Settings()  method.

In a parallel development, the definition of all settings has been moved to
the central settings.py file.  This means we have one place for the
definitions (and no duplicates)!

Tim and Alison Bentley
Home at TRARBentley.net
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