[openlp-dev] 2.6 Cleanups - Merge from Head issues.

Tim and Alison Bentley Home at trarbentley.net
Wed Apr 6 01:16:32 EDT 2016

This morning I have merged a big set of changes where the openlp_core_utils
directory has been removed and the code moved to core_common and core_lib.

There will be more file moves in the future but these will be smaller and
less invasive. When you next merge from trunk you will get a violation as
the merge will not be able to delete core_utils as there is a file in it.

You will need to

   - manually delete the __pycache__ directory inside openlp_core_utils.
   - run "bzr resolve openlp_core_utils"
   - then you will be allowed to commit the changes.

Tim Bentley  (TRB143)
Home at TRARBentley.net
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