[openlp-dev] Small Jobs for New Contributors

Raoul Snyman raoul at snyman.info
Sat Apr 9 18:09:28 EDT 2016

Hi folks, 

There are a couple of odd jobs that need to be done for 2.6. Not really coding, but in some cases you'll need to dig through the code to find it. 

1. Remove version number in title 
I think we currently have the version of OpenLP in the title bar. This is not necessary and will only prove to be a pain in the long run.

2. Remove character count from exception form 
When someone encounters an unhandled exception, this form pops up. There's a label that tells people they need at least 20 characters. Remove it. People write junk just to send the form. Without the label (but still with the 20 character limitation) people will hopefully be more descriptive. You'll need to regenerate the base translation file after this. 

3. Rename the elements 
There are some elements that need to be renamed:
 - Media Manager => Library 
 - Service manager => Service 
 - Theme Manager => Themes 
 - Projector Manager => Projectors 
 - Live Panel (in the menu) => Live
 - Preview Panel (in the menu) => Preview
You'll need to regenerate the base translation file after this. 

4. Rename above elements in the manual 
Go through the manual and update the names of the things that have changed 

5. Remove any references to versions of OpenLP in the manual. 
There are some places in the manual that still say 2.2 and some mention 2.4. Let's get rid of them. 

There's also blog posts that can be written and a branding exercise that we're going through. 

Let me know if you want to do anything and you're unsure if where to start. 

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