[Openlp-dev] Media in 2.6

Tim and Alison Bentley Home at trarbentley.net
Fri Feb 26 13:55:29 EST 2016

One area where we have had issues in 2.x has been media.  Now in 2.6 all
the issues plan to be removed and this will give us a working media set up.


has a large number of fixes already be needs more wider testing.
for this to work a program called mediainfo needs to be installed, it is
available for all platforms. This fixes or first issue getting the media
length without messing up any players.  Other fixes include

   - Added a timer like vlc
   - looping videos (missing the correct icon for now)
   - looping videos behind songs - works very smoothly on Fedora 23
   - able to play live and previews and have no issues stopping and

More testing is needed and I need to look at the CD loading code as this
needs to be updated.

Help with testing on Windoz , Ubuntu and Mac would be helpful as I only
have fedora to play with.


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