[Openlp-dev] Easy Task for First Time Contributor

Raoul Snyman raoul at snyman.info
Tue Mar 15 06:41:10 EDT 2016


There's an easy task for someone who wants to start contributing to 
OpenLP but is scared of the code.

We have some Arabic Bibles and songs that need to be added to the First 
Time Wizard. You will need to do the following:

1. Checkout the lp:openlp/ftw-data repository
2. Add the files to the correct directories
3. Update the config file with those files
4. Propose a merge back to lp:openlp/ftw-data

These are the files:

1. Arabic Smith Van Dyke with vowels: VanDyke-With-Vowels.sqlite
​2. Arabic Smith Van Dyke without vowels: VanDyke-Without-Vowels.sqlite
​3. Ketab-EL-Hayat (second translation)​: Ketab-EL-Hayat.sqlite
​4. Sample songs (from KDEC House Of Prayer with permission): 
You can download them from here:


Don't be scared to ask questions!

Raoul Snyman
e: raoul at snyman.info

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