[openlp-dev] Optional Split Saga

Raoul Snyman raoul at snyman.info
Fri Aug 25 03:40:02 EDT 2017

Hey guys and gals,

As some folks are aware, we've had an ongoing saga about the "Optional 
Split" button in the song editor. Many people seem to think that it 
meant that a particular verse would be split at that particular location 
every time (no matter if there was or wasn't enough space in the slide). 
Along the way we've had people ask for a way to force a verse to split 
(much like some people expect the optional split to work).

Between Olli and Tim, they've implemented the second split option. This 
is great, but I'm not sure that the current nomenclature for the buttons 
is correct.

Currently, the buttons are labelled "Optional Split" and "Divide". After 
some careful thought, my wife suggested "Auto Split" and "Force Split". 
Does anyone have any other ideas?

Raoul Snyman
+1 (520) 490-9743
raoul at snyman.info

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