[openlp-dev] Optional Split Saga

Lane Lester ll at lpl.pm
Fri Aug 25 08:49:05 EDT 2017

I confess I have no idea what the Optional Split does (what? read the
doc?). The only splitting I do is to add a second ---[Verse:1]--- to split
a long verse into two screens.

The Optional Split button inserts [---] which doesn't seem to do anything.
There's no Divide button, so I guess that's in newer code than I have.

>From what you wrote, I assume the Divide (Force Split) does the same thing
I accomplish by duplicating the label as described in my first paragraph

Side note: I read somewhere that it's not good to have more than six lines
on the screen, for the viewers' sake. So I've been splitting long verses as
I get to them.


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On Fri, Aug 25, 2017 at 3:40 AM, Raoul Snyman <raoul at snyman.info> wrote:

> Hey guys and gals,
> As some folks are aware, we've had an ongoing saga about the "Optional
> Split" button in the song editor. Many people seem to think that it meant
> that a particular verse would be split at that particular location every
> time (no matter if there was or wasn't enough space in the slide). Along
> the way we've had people ask for a way to force a verse to split (much like
> some people expect the optional split to work).
> Between Olli and Tim, they've implemented the second split option. This is
> great, but I'm not sure that the current nomenclature for the buttons is
> correct.
> Currently, the buttons are labelled "Optional Split" and "Divide". After
> some careful thought, my wife suggested "Auto Split" and "Force Split".
> Does anyone have any other ideas?
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