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My 2 Rand!

1) will be an endless set of changes trying to keep track of the root
certificates and my give us different problems

2) it OpenLP has not run on a machine on windows issue a command to get the
certificates. As you say it can be done in the background but could be done
as a step in the FTW so it is obvious what is being done.

process = subprocess.Popen("explore.exe https://get.openlp.io",


On 18 February 2017 at 04:19, Raoul Snyman <raoul at snyman.info> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> As some of you might know, we're having SSL issues on Windows. This is
> because Windows does not ship with all the root certificates and downloads
> them on the fly. Our current advice to people is to go to
> https://get.openlp.org/ in Internet Explorer or Edge and then try the
> First Time Wizard again (same applies to SongSelect).
> However, this is really tedious because we have to tell each and every
> person who visits the forums or IRC or e-mails the support system about it.
> There must be a better way. Sadly, Microsoft is not going to do anything
> about this, and unless Python changes the way they do things on Windows,
> we're probably going to be stuck with the problem.
> I see only 2 real options here.
> 1. Bundle all the root certs with OpenLP on Windows. We can tell Python
> where to find them.
> 2. When we want to access an https page, do some sort of pre-flight
> calling some internal Windows function to get the certs for us.
> Does anyone else have any ideas for how to solve this?
> In the mean time I'm going to write up a blog post and put a sticky post
> in the forums about this.
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