[openlp-dev] A compliment from a user

Philip Ridout phill.ridout at gmail.com
Thu Jun 15 08:17:02 EDT 2017

ROFL. I read the subject as a "A complaint from a user" thought it must
have been serious if you were posting it to the mailing list, so imagine my
pleasnt suppriae!

On Wed, 14 Jun 2017, 23:34 Raoul Snyman, <raoul at snyman.info> wrote:

> Hey guys,
> We got this message in the support system, and I wanted to share it with
> everyone.
> I am a church planter in Alton, IL. I was looking for some software that
> would project lyrics on a screen. I was pleasantly surprised when I found
> OpenLP. Not only is it easy to use, loaded with many great hymns,
> feature-rich and able to add new hymns or other slides and/or presentations
> easily, but I can control it wirelessly from my iPad or Android phone.
> Thank you so much for all the work that has gone into OpenLP. Churches with
> very tight finances are greatly blessed with such a resource!!
> Tom R
> Redeeming Grace Church
> Alton, IL
> --
> Raoul Snyman
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