[openlp-dev] New/Undecided Bugs

Timothy Cooper dr.timothy.cooper at gmail.com
Tue May 30 19:04:24 EDT 2017

Phill, thanks so much for looking at the bugs I reported.  I'll work
through and reply where you've asked for more info.  And thanks for the tip
about the development efforts - I'm really not trying to be selfish or
anything, and I certainly don't want OpenLP's development to wait a few
months on my behalf.  I didn't know about the Feature Request page before,
but it seems to be rather dated at this point. Is that something that needs
some TLC? Is there anywhere I can find more current information to update
it with?

Raoul, I totally understand the volunteer nature of OpenLP.  I myself
volunteer with a couple online projects and a couple real-life
organizations on top of my full time work.  Sometimes things just have to
wait, and I have no problem with that at all - I'm actually quite grateful
to the project and everything its members have accomplished.  (I've used
PowerPoint as the *only* projection system in the past, and it was
definitely NOT a smooth experience.)  I was just wanting to know that the
bugs/requests were getting looked at.  They are, and I'm content to wait.

Thanks everyone!
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