[openlp-dev] New/Undecided Bugs

Raoul Snyman raoul at snyman.info
Wed May 31 11:57:50 EDT 2017

On 2017-05-30 16:04, Timothy Cooper wrote:
> Phill, thanks so much for looking at the bugs I reported.  I'll work
> through and reply where you've asked for more info.  And thanks for the 
> tip
> about the development efforts - I'm really not trying to be selfish or
> anything, and I certainly don't want OpenLP's development to wait a few
> months on my behalf.  I didn't know about the Feature Request page 
> before,
> but it seems to be rather dated at this point. Is that something that 
> needs
> some TLC? Is there anywhere I can find more current information to 
> update
> it with?

So, there's a bit of history behind this confusion. When we originally 
started developing OpenLP 2.0, it was a complete rewrite of the 
application from scratch using a different set of technologies to what 
OpenLP at the time had been using. And it was also the first time that 
more than just myself was working on it, so I set up the wiki and we 
start putting stuff in the wiki. Since then, however, we haven't 
actually had a proper central place to store feature requests.

My recommendations:

  - retire the wiki page
  - still use the forums as a place for people to post their feature 
  - migrate those feature requests to either blueprints or wishlist bugs
  - post the bug/blueprint URL back to the forums as confirmation (and 
future reference)

What do folks think?

Raoul Snyman
+1 (520) 490-9743
raoul at snyman.info

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