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Adam Oellermann adam at oellermann.com
Thu Nov 30 11:59:29 EST 2017

Hi all

I agree with Dave. The default setting being as it is means that less 
computer-savvy worship leaders still send me useful orders of service, 
even if they've added a new song or image. Making this not the default, 
even if it was still a separate option on the file menu, would cause us 
a lot of frustration and undermine the perception of OpenLP as a 
solution that 'just works'. You only have to wreck one service before 
users will want to switch. Disk space is cheap these days, and bandwidth 
is plentiful - so my plea is to leave the defaults as they are, with 
great thanksgiving for the foresight of the developers who set it up 
this way.

Grace and peace


On 30/11/17 11:40, David Warnock wrote:
> Hi,
> We have a team of about 6 people who prepare services. All services 
> are always prepared at their homes and this is a key selling point for 
> OpenLP.
> Please do not change this behaviour! I use a team whose computer 
> skills would not be up to copying files around manually. The chances 
> of ending up without a complete service would be high. We do not have 
> all the custom slides, images or videos on the Church Computer.
> So again please don't change this.
> Dave
> On 30 November 2017 at 08:43, Philip Ridout <phill.ridout at gmail.com 
> <mailto:phill.ridout at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     I have been looking at how OpenLP saves and loads its service
>     files as part of my pathlib and cross platform file handling
>     refactors. I would like to make a few changes.
>     Currently:
>     OpenLP defaults to packing all the service item files in to a zip
>     file, the actual service is saved as a json in a file that is also
>     packaged. There is an option of saving a 'lite' service, which is
>     just the json file zipped.
>     I have the following issues with the current system:
>     The default save method (packaged) is very slow if lots of / large
>     files are used.
>     Packaging the json file of a 'lite' service in to a zip file seems
>     a bit pointless.
>     Its not very obvious that there is a choice between packaged and light
>     My proposed solution:
>     Packaging files in a zip file is great if somebody prepares a
>     service at home. However, in my experience (10 years) this has
>     never happened! Lets make the 'lite' option the default, this
>     would make OpenLP faster saving files which are not going to be
>     transported.
>     Lets make the option to package a service file more visible, and
>     place a separate menu item for it next to save in the file menu.
>     When saving a 'lite' service, lets just save the json in a text
>     file and not worry about zipping it up. While were at it, it might
>     make sense to change the extension. '.olp'?
>     Compatability:
>     OpenLP 3.0 will continue to be able to open 'packaged' and 'lite'
>     files saved in 2.2 and later.
>     Packaged files saved with 3.0 will be able to be opened in 2.4.x,
>     The 'new lite' (.olp?) files will not.
>     Some users may be caught out by the change to saving a lite file
>     by default, so when they use the save as dialog we could display a
>     message box about the changes.
>     Are you guys happy with my proposal? Any other ideas / suggestions?
>     God Bless,
>     Phill
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