[openlp-dev] (One more) macOS official installation method suggestion

Daniel Borges danielborges93 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 06:54:09 EST 2018

Hey guys, how are you?

I don't know if the following discussion already happened before, but I
would want suggest one more official install method of OpenLP for macOS,
using homebrew casks (http://caskroom.io/). It is a tap for homebrew that
allow install macOS applications (no more drag-and-drop). "Brew" for Mac is
like an "apt" for Linux... "Brew cask" is like an extension of "brew" that
allows install desktop application (like OpenLP, Libreoffice, Google
Chrome, etc).

Nowadays, we have a updated cask for OpenLP (
https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew-cask/blob/master/Casks/openlp.rb), and
it can be easily updated when new versions are released.

To install OpenLP via bew cask you just need to run `*brew cask install
openlp*`, and `*brew cask upgrade*` updates all casks installed.

So, what do you think? :-)


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