[openlp-dev] Requests v QNetworkManager

Philip Ridout phill.ridout at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 10:34:06 EST 2018

I know this has been brought up before (cause I was the one who brought it
up) but can't help feeling that QNetworkManager has some unignorable

A little background, I've been trying to make requests run in a thread so
that the first time wizard can update a progress bar.

With QNetworkManager I would simply call 'get()' and connect the
downloadProgress signal of the returned QNetworkReply object to the
progress bar. Implementing this in requests in a thread wasn't difficult,
in itself, but then I found my self having to deal with exceptions emitted
in the thread. This is easily done with the error signal of QNetworkReply.
Next I came up with the issue of aborting the download if the user canceled
the wizard. QNetworkReply has an abort slot, nice and easy.

I know Raoul wants to use requests because it does a lot of stuff for us,
and I appreciate that, but I'm just finding it a bit limiting.

Maybe I'm just too stupid to be using threads!


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