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Chris Hill chris at minkus.me.uk
Tue Jan 29 13:33:30 EST 2019


Just a thought - why not get rid of the ‘default image’ altogether - if you really want something to display by default, use a blank screen, or blank theme - if not, default to ‘desktop’.

When OpenLP crashes in a service and needs restarting (not frequent, but sometimes when importing via SongSelect), having the OpenLP logo appear on restart is not only unnecessary, but jarring, in my opinion.

Just my £0.02.


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Hey everyone,

I saw another case of users getting confused between the *splash screen*
and *default image* recently, and I want explain the problem and propose
some changes to decrease the confusion. First, let me explain the
difference between the two.

The *splash screen* is the initial OpenLP logo that shows up when you
start OpenLP. The goal of the splash screen is to show users that the
application is actually responding when they start it. A number of
applications, OpenLP included, take a while to start up, and don't show
up immediately, and showing the splash screen as soon as possible helps
to prevent users from trying to start the application multiple times
because it doesn't seem to be starting the first time.

The *default image* is the logo that shows up on the live display screen
when OpenLP first launches.

I'm not entirely sure what the source of the confusion between these two
screens is, but I think it has something to do with the following facts:

1. There's an option in the settings to hide the splash screen.
2. There's an option in the settings to change the "default image" on
the display screen.
3. We currently have no feature to show the default image again (aka
"logo screen").
4. When you start OpenLP on a computer with only 1 monitor for the first
time, the display screen covers the main window, and the splash screen
logo perfectly covers the default image on the display screen.

I'd like to propose the following changes, in the hopes that they will
help to alleviate the confusion:

1. Remove the option to hide the splash screen. I doubt anyone who
actually knows what this does actually uses it, and 99% of applications
out there that also have a splash screen do not have this option.
2. Rename the "default image" to "Logo screen"
3. Add the ability to "Show logo screen" (alongside Blank/Desktop/Theme)
4. Go over our screen code again to prevent the display from showing up
on a computer with only a single monitor (this one is really tricky if
we want to continue to support single-monitor setups).

Thoughts? Ideas? Comments? Criticism?

Raoul Snyman
+1 (520) 490-9743
raoul at snyman.info
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