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Agree to all except the single monitor one.
I cannot see how a user can work on a single screen but for a dev working
on a single screen that would be an issue.
We have the screen override so that would be the way to get around that and
remove the full-screen mode.
The rest makes total sense.

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On Mon, 28 Jan 2019 at 22:11, Raoul Snyman via openlp-dev <
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> Hey everyone,
> I saw another case of users getting confused between the *splash screen*
> and *default image* recently, and I want explain the problem and propose
> some changes to decrease the confusion. First, let me explain the
> difference between the two.
> The *splash screen* is the initial OpenLP logo that shows up when you
> start OpenLP. The goal of the splash screen is to show users that the
> application is actually responding when they start it. A number of
> applications, OpenLP included, take a while to start up, and don't show
> up immediately, and showing the splash screen as soon as possible helps
> to prevent users from trying to start the application multiple times
> because it doesn't seem to be starting the first time.
> The *default image* is the logo that shows up on the live display screen
> when OpenLP first launches.
> I'm not entirely sure what the source of the confusion between these two
> screens is, but I think it has something to do with the following facts:
> 1. There's an option in the settings to hide the splash screen.
> 2. There's an option in the settings to change the "default image" on
> the display screen.
> 3. We currently have no feature to show the default image again (aka
> "logo screen").
> 4. When you start OpenLP on a computer with only 1 monitor for the first
> time, the display screen covers the main window, and the splash screen
> logo perfectly covers the default image on the display screen.
> I'd like to propose the following changes, in the hopes that they will
> help to alleviate the confusion:
> 1. Remove the option to hide the splash screen. I doubt anyone who
> actually knows what this does actually uses it, and 99% of applications
> out there that also have a splash screen do not have this option.
> 2. Rename the "default image" to "Logo screen"
> 3. Add the ability to "Show logo screen" (alongside Blank/Desktop/Theme)
> 4. Go over our screen code again to prevent the display from showing up
> on a computer with only a single monitor (this one is really tricky if
> we want to continue to support single-monitor setups).
> Thoughts? Ideas? Comments? Criticism?
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