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Philip Ridout phill.ridout at gmail.com
Wed May 15 15:25:22 EDT 2019

Nice to meet you! I've a background in electrical / electronic engineering

I started off with no python experience and minimal programming, so there
is hope for you ;-)

Best place is to start off in the wiki, https://wiki.openlp.org/Main_Page,
but it sounds like you've found that already. Also come and have a chat
with us on irc! We're quite a friendly bunch.

God Bless,

On Wed, 15 May 2019, 16:30 Neal Hollingsworth, <nealanthony at gmail.com>

> Hi all,
>   I recently started to play with OpenLP to see if it might be something
> the church I serve at could use. So far I've been impressed and pleased
> with what I've seen. Thanks for all they hard work y'all have put into
> this! Hopefully I'll be able to contribute some, so I thought I would
> introduce myself and start connecting with the dev team.
> A little about myself: my background is as an electrical engineer working
> with RF hardware, though I'm now a farmer(because why not?) I do have
> experience developing in Python, but am self taught so probably have some
> bad habbits. I'm currently serving a moderate sized church (a few hundred
> active attenders) as one of the core/lead production volunteers. We tend to
> punch above our weight, production wise. We run your typical lyrics and
> sermon slides, multicam live stream our services, have multiple
> overflow/common areas we send video feeds to, do some in-house video work,
> are working on some more creative lighting, and generally do all the
> production/tech things that smaller churches shouldn't! So, I'm always
> looking for ways to do more with less and OpenLP looks like it has a lot of
> potential for us.
> I hope that I'll be able to contribute some to OpenLP in the near future,
> so I'm starting to set up a dev environment for it, lurking in all your dev
> Hangouts, and generally trying to figure things out. It's busy season on
> the farm, and in my life, so I'll be a bit before I'm up to speed, but
> hopefully soon.
> All of that to say: Hi.
> Neal
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