[openlp-dev] We have migrated!

Bastian Germann bastiangermann at fishpost.de
Tue Sep 17 20:16:24 EDT 2019


Great to see OpenLP moving to GitLab. Also, thanks for publishing the
beta on PyPI.
I have included an install script that installs OpenLP from there and
creates a desktop shortcut.
This could be a way to publish OpenLP in the future to spare users the
hassle of command line.

The main advantages compared to the PyInstaller based installers are:
The user is in control of the installed software versions including Python.
No 3rd party software has to be redistributed.
There is still a legal problem with the installers
that is documented at https://gitlab.com/openlp/openlp/issues/19.
The install script is not affected by this issue.

The desktop shortcut does not have the OpenLP icon on it because that
is not part
of the binary distribution (egg/wheel) that is generated by setuptools.
In case of its inclusion the pyshortcuts library can set it as shortcut icon.
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