[openlp-dev] Versions 2.4.2 and 2.6

Raoul Snyman raoul at snyman.info
Tue May 17 13:28:49 EDT 2016

Hey everyone, 

Some of us have chatted in IRC about version 2.4.2 and what it should contain, so I just wanted to run this past everyone.

One thing that I've noticed with other projects is that they update their translations in subsequent point releases. This is something we've not really done in the past, and I feel that we really should. 

I've written a blog post to this effect, and I'll be submitting it for merging later this evening. 

In addition to the fixes already in lp:openlp/2.4, are there any other fixes that we want/need in there? Also, I'm thinking of releasing in the next 2-3 weeks (first or second weekend in June). Which of those weekends works best for people? 

I'm really happy to announce that Tim has implemented video backgrounds for themes, and this is now in trunk! Please test them out as much as you can! This is probably the number one feature request we have received. The big question is this: is there anything else we want to add to 2.6?

The one thing that springs to mind is the conversion from QtWebKit to QtWebEngine. This is a big change, but also very necessary, since from Qt 5.6 QtWebKit is gone. Had anyone started working on this? I know Jonathan Springer has done some investigation, but I don't think he has had any time to actually develop it further. 

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? 

God bless, Raoul. 
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