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Philip Ridout phill.ridout at gmail.com
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Nice, just had a look at the results and came across this page:
https://manual.openlp.org/troubleshooting.html surely no. 1 should be check
the forum, then the bug reports. The support system is of no use to 'check'
as the users can't view the the tickets!


On Sat, 28 Oct 2017, 00:43 Raoul Snyman, <raoul at snyman.info> wrote:

> Hi guys,
> We try to encourage people to use the forums for a lot of things, and I
> often find duplicated posts. After playing around a bit, I realised that
> the search on our forums is AWFUL. It's so bad *I* cannot find anything
> using it.
> With this in mind, I took a snapshot of the forums and set them up using
> a specialised search engine called Sphinx. The result is PHENOMENALLY
> better.
> For example, trying to search for the infamous "Fatal error -1" problem:
>     http://forums.openlp.org/search?Search=fatal+error
> And now using Sphinx:
>     https://forums.openlp.io/search?Search=fatal+error
> And that brings us to the only problem with this... We can't use the
> current web hosting that we use for the website, forums and support
> system. To be honest, I don't think it's a big problem, we can easily
> host the forums on openlp.io... except that we're now putting the forums
> onto a box that sometimes can be unreliable (usually external factors).
> I could, however, host it on my mail server, which is in another
> country.
> Thoughts?
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