[openlp-dev] Optional Split Saga

Olli Suutari suutari.olli at gmail.com
Fri Aug 25 09:57:09 EDT 2017

*"The Optional split is being added in 2.6"*

To clarify: what we currently have is "The optional split"

the forced split will be added in 2.6.

I think the forced split should just be called: "Split", no need to add
anything to it since it just “Splits” the verse, fairly self-explanatory.

As for the “Optional split”, something like: “Overflow split”, “Optional
split”, “Situational split” or “Smart split” could work.

Alternatively, the forced split could be called “Page-break”, which is the
universal meaning for forcing the text to the next page in text editors.
“Optional split” could then be “Situational Break” or something like that.

The button texts shouldn’t be too long and the meaning could be further
explained in mouse over hint/manual.

"my wife suggested "Auto Split"

I don’t like “Auto Split”, because the splits must be manually inserted by
the user, to me “Auto” means that OpenLP handles the splitting, not the

Ideally OpenLP would have the option of splitting verses automatically from
the middle instead of last row that fits. (So 10 row verse becomes 5 and 5
rows instead of 9 & 1 for example.)


Olli / Azaziah

On 25 August 2017 at 16:05, Tim and Alison Bentley <Home at trarbentley.net>

> To answer Ians question.
> Optional split will split a verse only when it needs to be split due to a
> slide not being able to fit the display. At present with out this the last
> line would be added to a new slide. This is needed when songs run on
> different text sizes and display sizes.
> The Optional split is being added in 2.6 and will allow a verse to be kept
> in section in the editor but then split at run time. For example for us a
> hymn of 8 lines would kept in 2 verses as we display only 6 lines per
> screen. Now we could store this in one verse and with the split decide at
> run time to create two verses.
> On 25 Aug 2017 13:54, "Ian Knight" <ieknight1101 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Perhaps something like "Insert Auto-Break" and "Split Verse"
> Regards,
> Ian Knight
> On 25/08/17 22:19, Lane Lester wrote:
> ​​
> I confess I have no idea what the Optional Split does (what? read the
> doc?). The only splitting I do is to add a second ---[Verse:1]--- to
> split a long verse into two screens.
> The Optional Split button inserts [---] which doesn't seem to do
> anything. There's no Divide button, so I guess that's in newer code than I
> have.
> From what you wrote, I assume the Divide (Force Split) does the same thing
> I accomplish by duplicating the label as described in my first paragraph
> above.
> Side note: I read somewhere that it's not good to have more than six lines
> on the screen, for the viewers' sake. So I've been splitting long verses as
> I get to them.
> Lane
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> On Fri, Aug 25, 2017 at 3:40 AM, Raoul Snyman <raoul at snyman.info> wrote:
>> Hey guys and gals,
>> As some folks are aware, we've had an ongoing saga about the "Optional
>> Split" button in the song editor. Many people seem to think that it meant
>> that a particular verse would be split at that particular location every
>> time (no matter if there was or wasn't enough space in the slide). Along
>> the way we've had people ask for a way to force a verse to split (much like
>> some people expect the optional split to work).
>> Between Olli and Tim, they've implemented the second split option. This
>> is great, but I'm not sure that the current nomenclature for the buttons is
>> correct.
>> Currently, the buttons are labelled "Optional Split" and "Divide". After
>> some careful thought, my wife suggested "Auto Split" and "Force Split".
>> Does anyone have any other ideas?
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